Words and writing. The story of my life.

30 years experience in leading advertising agencies

Creative Director and Copywriter at top ad Australian agencies such as Doyle Dane Bernbach, Lintas, Grey Advertising and John Singleton Advertising. During this time I won many awards for creativity, including the Venice Advertising Film Festival, the American One Show of Advertising, Creativity USA, FACTS Australia and AWARD Australia.

Brand Manager of Optus

Most writers only know marketing from the Ad Agency side, but I was fortunate enough to spend five years with the Optus Marketing Department as Brand Manager. As custodian of the brand, I learned the importance of integrating communications and business objectives within a results-driven corporation. I also had the opportunity to develop and manage the well known and highly successful “furry animals” campaign for the first five years of its life. My work at Optus included business-to-business and consumer communications, staff training and internal marketing presentations.

Environmental Marketing and Communications

My interest in environmental issues and my belief that positive engagement with the manufacturing and primary industry sectors was (and is) the only way to achieve real progress led me to the environment management industry. There I was usually the only communications specialist in a room filled with scientists and engineers. During this period, I produced and published the first major research project on the Australian green consumer market, “Green Australia, Mapping the Market” (Prospect Publishers, 1997).

Corporate and retail e-commerce experience

One of my tasks as Brand Manager of Optus was to lead the web enablement marketing project that took the company online with a smart and interactive website. This gave me a solid background in the integration of web design with brand and marketing issues. Today, I add to my website management experience on a day to day basis as manager of my own virtual tribal art gallery, www.tribalartbrokers.net

SEO copywriting and SEO editing for new and existing sites.

Websites and web content today require text that has been optimised to achieve higher search engine ranking and this process is called SEO copywriting. This means that the cues that Google and other search engines search for in high ranking sites, including key words and phrases and originality and readability of content, are integrated into your website text in a way that is persuasive. In other words, your prospect will not realise that your content has been optimised for the search engines, but the search engines themselves will do so. As a copywriter specialising in writing websites and content, I can either write your site in SEO copy from the start, or review your existing site and fine tune it for SEO.