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Peter Kent – Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, 12th edition, 2012.

This is the website owner’s bible. Peter Kent is certainly no dummy when it comes to SEO and he manages to explain the complexities of SEO in really simple terms while walking you through step by step instructions for doing everything from registering your site with the search engines to choosing your keywords, optimising your text, establishing links and using social media.

Sitepro News –

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Free Keyword research tools

Google Adwords Keyword Planner-

Google is the biggest pay per click advertising search engines on the internet and offers free keyword selection help for advertisers. These of course are pay per click keyword suggestions rather than SEO keyword suggestions, but there is a correlation.

Bingads -

Google’s biggest competitor who also supply a keyword selection and evaluation service.It’s free because although you may have to sign up to get access to the tool, you don’t have to pay a cent to use it because you don’t actually have to launch a PPC campaign.

SEO Book –

Offer a kit that covers a number of areas including keyword searches – and after you sign up for the free version, you receive a series of at least a dozen emails covering specific topics.You also get the free version of their keyword tool, which is pretty useful. It is worth signing up with seobook just for the email you receive on day #8 – the clearest schematic diagram of how search engines work that I have ever seen.

Keywordspy –

Like seobook, keywordspy sends you a multi part course for free, and gives you access to the free version of their keyword selection software. Keywordspy can be set for Australian search engines and suggests and compares keywords by cost. In fact, Keywordspy theoretically lets you spy on the keywords and adwords headlines used by your competitions – but you will find that many of them are smart enough to block this kind of snooping.

Keywordeye –

Keywordeye Basics enables you to pick and evaluate keywords graphically through a graphic interface which presents keyword suggestions as a word cloud coded by size and colour, plus several other report formats. The free version enables you to reseach up to 10 keywords a day and generates dozens of variations for each keyword. –

Once you have written your copy, you can cut and paste it to Wordl create and get an instant word cloud graphic diagram showing you the most used words in the text and their relative impact based on size. It’s a useful way to get a rough idea of whether or not your keywords are coming across in the text.


‘The eternal triangle of good website design’ by David Said. Every successful website has to work from three angles to succeed – Content, Usability and Search Engine Optimisation – if all three are not equally strongly delivered, the site is likely to fail. This free e-book provides a starting point for anyone who is about to establish new website and it covers a lot of ground in only 25 pages, not just writing and SEO, but website performance too.