Copywriting for any purpose-BK

SEO copywriting for higher search rankings.

The text on your site has to do two things. It has to sell your product and it also has to make it easier for Google and other search engines to find you when customers search for the product or service you offer.

  • Complete website text – great sites need great words.
  • Content updates – your site has to grow with your business.
  • Selection of keywords and keyword phrases for SEO and PPC.
  • SEO text auditing – fine tuning and editing for better search results.
  • Smart Phone friendly websites – the era of mobile searching is here.

Copy for advertising and sales campaigns.

In my past life, I worked for many of Australia’s leading Ad Agencies, writing on famous brands from Coke to MLC and IBM. As a result, I under-stand marketing and brand building requirements as well as copywriting and include these skills in my copy at no extra cost.

  • Advertising campaigns for all consumer goods and services.
  • B2B advertising and plain English technical writing.
  • Brochures, emails, sales promotion pieces, etc.
  • Retail and real estate advertising.
  • Video scripts and production, including website videos.
  • On line and newsletter articles for financial and lifestyle products.

B2B article and report writing.

This specialised type of writing combines journalism with adver-tising. The challenge is to reward the reader with information that is relevant and interesting, while presenting a strong argument for the featured product or service.

My B2B article and report writing services include:

  • Case histories and interviews.
  • White papers and articles.
  • eBooks (up to 10,000 words).
  • Media releases.