An award-winning advertising copywriter for 30 years before becoming Brand Manager of a top of Australian company for 5 years.
Here’s my story

I know how to write words that sell your product and improve search engine rankings too.

I am a Sydney-based Australian copy writer with more than 30 years experience.

I know how to write words that Australian consumers respond to, and I have the marketing skills to motivate them to buy.

But I not only  use words to sell your product, I write for higher search engine rankings at the same time.

Visitors come to your website for one purpose only. To see the content. They want specific info and they expect to find it there. SOE is the road map that leads them to your site. But once they arrive, it is the quality of your content that makes a sale.  

At the same time, , there is no point in writing great online text unless Google and other search engines can find it easily, so all the web content I write is search engine optimised for improved search ranking.

If you need an SEO-optimised website with content that not only makes sense to Google and other search engines but also ticks the boxes for your customers, please contact me to discuss your project and get a free cost estimate.

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