Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design websites?

I do lot of complete website and web content writing and I often work on website updates and rewrites, but I am a copywriter so I don’t design anything. I am more than happy to work with your web designer, or I can suggest a reputable website developer I have worked with in the past.

What kind of copy can you write for me?

If you require any type writing designed to convince the reader to buy something, do something, change their mind about something or change an existing behaviour pattern, I know how to write it. I have written everything from a 10,000 word company history to a one line outdoor poster, direct mail letters, brochures, newsletters, print advertising, TV scripts, radio scripts, media releases, websites, web content, e-books, sales promotion copy and power point presentations.

How do you charge for your services?

I am very flexible and can charge by the hour, the day or the project, whichever is most economical for you. I charge for writing time only and there is no extra cost for my marketing expertise or time spent learning about your business. Before I start writing, I give you an accurate cost estimate that includes GST and revisions, and that is what you will be charged. No hidden extras. Please note: For new clients, I usually charge 50% up front and 50% on completion for the first project.

Are you too experienced to be interested in my business?

Absolutely not. If I wanted to continue working in big ad agencies, I would never have become a freelance writer. I enjoy working directly with the owners of the business and helping to build it.

What products have you written copy for?

I’ve been lucky enough to work on many Australian brand leaders – including Coca Cola, Weetbix, Penfold’s Wines, Helena Rubinstein, Bankers Trust, MLC Investments, Subaru, Volkswagen, Dymocks, Pizza Hut, Lufthansa, Caterpillar, IBM Olivetti and many more.

What are the risks of overseas outsourcing?

  • Possible communication problems: Many overseas suppliers are good IT engineers, but English may not be their first language, so it can be hard to get across exactly what you want.
  • Non-Australian writing and content style: A foreign writer may not fully understand the Australian lifestyle, Australian values.

To minimise these problems, which can affect the ability of your site to attract visitors and make sales, you can have your website copy written in Australia BEFORE you send it off to an overseas website designer.

Should I have my site written, designed and built outside Australia?

Websites such as and outsource your project to hundreds of offshore website designers who work for much lower rates than their Australian counterparts. You can save 50-% – 75% of the cost of a new site, but there several potential problems that you should be aware of before you outsource you new website to an overseas supplier.

Can you help me select keywords for Google Adwords too?

Yes I can, but this is a different thought process because the best search words for pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords are not always the same as the ones you would choose for your site. This is because the most popular keywords are so expensive, they are unaffordable unless you have a huge budget – so my objective would be to select affordable keywords that work.

Can you help me choose my site’s keywords?

Yes I can. Keyword selection is vital to SEO success, but it is a strategic decision not a mechanical one. The most popular keywords may not be the most rewarding and may cause more harm than good if they are vague, generic or ambiguous.

Is it OK if I write my website myself?

If you are planning a relatively simple website of 4 – 6 pages and you know your product and market well, it’s worth a try. If you do decide to write your website yourself, you should consider having the text edited by an SEO editor to ensure that it is readable and incorporates an effective keyword strategy.

What about writing for Smart Phones and tablets?

More people now browse from a tablet or smart phone than from a desktop. I therefore automatically write web sites that are dynamic and can automatically change their layout to be accessed on any device from a desktop PC to a smart phone . If your current site was not designed dynamically, you need to have it changed by a web site designer

What is SEO copywriting?

The SEO copywriter selects the most effective search keywords and integrates them into web content which is informative, original and compelling so as to maximise both SEO results and sales.

What is search engine optimisation?

SEO makes it easier for search engines to find your site and award it a higher ranking on the search results page.