6 secrets of successful copywriting

  1. It is not enough to just explain what you do.

    There is no point in explaining what you do unless you can also communicate why you do it better. Explain why I should buy from you rather than your competitors. You need a reason to exist.

  2. The best copywriting passes the “Two Second Test”.

    There are millions of new websites launched every day. Any Google search will turn up dozens of potential sites. It’s a battle to get a prospect to even open your site and if they do, they will decide in less than two seconds whether to read further or click on to the next,

  3. The words are you. Write with personality.

    When I open your website, I am meeting you for the first time. When I examine your brochure, I am holding you and your company in my hands. If your words are dull, boring, clichéd or confused, you will come across as dull, boring, clichéd and confused.

  4. Write your content and copy for one single reader.

    You should always have a target audience in mind when you start writing. A good trick is write for an audience of one, and imagine that potential customer was in the room with you. What would you say to them? Nobody ever went broke giving people what they want.

  5. Don’t let your website make you sound like everybody else.

    Many clients like to cut and paste copy from their competitor’s advertising or from overseas web sites. This may not only break this copyright laws, but if your reader thinks “they sound just like everybody else”, they have little reason to buy from you.

  6. Turn techno-babble into content that sells.

    You may be an engineer or a scientist, but the chances are your
    audience are not. The secret of good technical writing and successful
    business to business communication is to turn features into benefits
     and describe  them in simple, everyday language.

The dos and don’ts of successful content writing.